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September, 2006
Darling returns after a short break, full of energy and desire to work.


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Darling's portfolio will be updated with a very beautiful guests sets along with her own pictures sometimes. So browse carefully inside & check the announcements!

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Welcome to the world of real modeling!

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I'm Darling. I'm a professional child model. Glad to see everybody again.
Well, I had a little break, so now I'm full of energy & ready to rock again...Modeling is my hobby. I bet all of You have some kind of hobby, to entertain Yourselves at a free time.
Photography giving me an opportunities, which I can't realize in the normal environment. It brigngs my mind to the highest level of unreality. It making me feel, like I'm skipping on the tides of eternity...This how my mind lives and breathe!
THANKS to ALL MY FANS, Agencies, Photographers, Advertisment companies, who was all the time with me. I promise to be a good girl all the time, and ofcourse, to bring my fun to everybody!
So hope to see You inside...
Cheers...Always Yours,- DARLING..

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We are the company, which has been created to support and promote young and talented models, who are aspiring to the top of the fashion & modelling reality...
You can find a lot of proffessional & high resolution images, spotlighting our models in their portfolios.
If You are licensed agency, wishing to use our PRODUCTS for advertisments, HQ-prints, ART etc. - there's absolutely no problems! Just contact us and You will receive complete info about further cooperation. Models are feeling comfortable, modelling around huge variety of outfits and products.
If you are an artist or just a person, who really likes the ARTistic photos, natural beauty of the modeling - You are welcomed too!


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